Rocking the airwaves – premiere of new songs at the RockOff Festival

After two successful seasons, Karlovačko RockOff Festival of new sound, the youngest event organized by the Croatian Composers’ Society, is preparing for its third edition.

The Croatian Composers’ Society has launched this Festival to enable young musicians and authors to gain access to radio and TV broadcasts and concert stages. Great success and the efforts of the organizer in the first season of the Festival were recognized by Heineken Hrvatska, that is Karlovačko pivo, which will – in partnership with the Croatian Composers’ Society – take the Festival to another level and present new rock and off music throughout Croatia.

Autumn will be interesting indeed as the finalists of the Karlovačko RockOff Festival will hold live performances at the Zagreb club Shock Show Industry D’Katran.

The panel comprising of Mirela Priselac Remi (Elemental), Damir Martinović Mrle (Let 3), Aljoša Šerić (Pavel) and producer Mark Mrakovčić, along with the Festival’s artistic director Hrvoje Horvat has received over 100 applications for this year’s Festival, out of which they have selected the singles of fifteen finalists. These singles will be performed live at the Shock Show Industry D’Katran in the following order:

October 6 – Iz@ Medošević, Chasing Milagros, S3ngs, Big Strip Gorila and Justin’s Johnson
October 13 – Lika Kolorado, Roppongi Red, Široke ulice, Auguste and U pol’ 9 kod Sabe
October 20 – Nezahvalnici, Rezerve, Bobo, Surka BeatBox and Mangroove

The super finals are scheduled for November 4, and the prize for three best super finalists is a professionally produced recording of the single and a music video.

“We are very satisfied that we have fifteen excellent performers at this Festival, as the names clearly indicate. The audience and media will have an opportunity to listen to live performances of a large number of excellent performers from the national rock and off scene during the final four days “, stated Hrvoje Horvat, the artistic director of the Festival.


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