Author Concerts

On important anniversaries, the Croatian Composers’ Society and Cantus regularly organize author concerts of its members, prominent composers of classical and popular music, as well as deserving individuals from the Croatian cultural scene, on which their representative works are performed.

There are three to four author concerts held each year. This form of presentation of an author and their opus has proved suitable for this day and age, and is an effective way of focusing on someone’s art by staging a media, social and artistic event that attracts large audiences and whose quality makes it stands out from the Croatian and Zagreb daily concert scene.

In addition to the concert, a catalog or booklet with the author’s biography and a list of works is published; as it often contains other interesting texts and materials on the author, it is a document of lasting value. Often, in addition to the concert, there is a presentation of the occasional sheet of music or a CD, and the concert itself – as an important event – is recorded in audio and video format and photographed. The performance of compositions is sometimes preceded by an interview with the author.

The occasion for these concerts is usually the author’s “round” birthday or another anniversary, but there are also thematic concerts that combine works of several authors belonging to the same generation or sharing the same education, so that each concert – along with specific musical expression of a particular author – has a unique concept that in a special way promotes the works of living Croatian composers or national heritage.


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